Saturday, October 25, 2014
In Philippines Jordan delegates with i-Arnis President & family
POC President POC, Wushu, i-Arnis and Arnis Jordan Presidents
Sec.Gen.of POC   Sec.Gen of POC with i-Arnis officials and Jordan delegates  
Jordan Team Jordan Team with Sifu Guru Dr.Abed Jarrar

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  • New Arnis 1-Day crash course for Judge & Referee as well as 1-Day crash course for Instructors right after Eid Al-Fitr. For those interested contact Guru Abdelnaser Jarrar +962-795275013.
    16 August 2012
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Vision and Dream

Our Message to All

Brother Raymond Velayo had a vision and a dream. Destiny made me meet big brother Raymond in the late 70's to make my dream come true, and to share with him his dream and vision. I looked up to him and saw in him what others could not see. A true Philippino who loves his country and treasure the art that his country's ancestors gave to him.

He affected me a lot and i wanted to follow him as much as i could. He was in Manila Rotary Club and i followed and joined him there to share his dream and vision or at least be a little part of it.

Brother Velayo and I learned from different masters and different styles and each of us developed his own style but we had one dream and our dream is to make Arnis an international Olympic sport and the only way to do it is to unite all Philippino schools and masters under one umbrella with the name Arnis as we learn it in our Philippino schools. We are like many chop sticks, alone easy to break, but together will be harder to break.

Each one of the schools is like a ray, it lights, but if unite all these rays, together will light through a lens, it will be a very strong ray. Let this lens be Arnis Philippines to be strong internally as one strong body.

To move out now we need another lens i-Arnis to make us bring our light very far around the earth.

To make Philippine’s national sport an international sport, we learn to be humble to carry the name and the teachings of our ancestors, to love our country, our people and our family.

We learn that unity gives strength and other great teachings. Let us all honor our teachers so their souls can rest in peace and be happy in heavens. Let’s carry their teachings united, so their name will be reincarnated. By doing so, Philippine will be reincarnated.

We learn from the Holy Scriptures that one of the ways for man to be reincarnated is to pass his positive knowledge to others, if we do so, we will reincarnate the Philippines and the knowledge of her sons from different regions and provinces.

Let us remember we can never be better than our teachers even though that’s what they want us to be.
Let us not be selfish, it is because of our teachers’ names we became known. So our teachers’ names must come first.

May God bless the soul of our ancestors, teachers, and masters. And may God bless Jordan and the mother of the art, the Philippines.

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